Someone I’m So Impressed With

Here’s what I do. I help clients see their world differently.  Because when you help someone see their world differently, their world changes. When someone sees the world differently they show up differently, and they create results that looked impossible a moment before.

I want to tell you about a young woman named Kristina Folcik-Welts.  A few years back, she approached me for coaching because, unhappy and overwhelmed, she suspected that she was having some issues common to our wolf pack.

A top performer at so many levels, Kristina was working at a job she despised.  She felt trapped by an unscrupulous boss, and she couldn’t figure out how to set herself free without displeasing this jerk.

This is what happens when you’re raised without boundaries. You don’t realize that it’s your j-o-b to take care of your self, not sacrifice your well-being because someone else whines. You don’t learn that healthy boundaries are all about knowing what is yours, and what belongs to other people. What is your responsibility, what is theirs.

Sometimes all we need to let go of crazy is to hear this truth. Sometimes, all we need is the reality check that we’re not selfish, or mean, or immature.

I want to show you what Kristina has done since that time.  I want to show you what she has created by releasing herself, and turning her passion and SERIOUS talent into an exciting business.


A sponsored athlete, ultra-marathoner, and personal trainer, Kristina now offers group running lessons, customized training plans for intermediate to advanced runners, and women’s trail running camps through her White Mountain Running Company.

You’ve heard me talk about running; how it saved me, well Kristina is THE single best person I know to open up this world for you. A freaking mountain goat, she runs more on her way to the mailbox than I do in a week.

Her mission is to take non-runners and back-mid pack runners on a fun life-changing journey.  She believes in making running fun and slowly incorporating it into their life in order to avoid injury.

So, if you live in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire, or if you’re ready to break away for a few days to attend one of her camps, contact this woman.  As God is my witness, it will change your life.

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