Ten Years In The Making

Ten years ago (yesterday), I met Walt in a coffee shop, a Starbucks, to be specific.  We’d found each other on Match.com and, thanks to our VERY accurate, buyer-beware profiles, had immediately recognized the synergies.  He hadn’t bothered to put a picture up, which can often be the indicator of some rather unfortunate deformities, so when he waltzed through the door, I was pretty happy to see that the dude was/is hot.

Anyhoo, I spent the weekend in Mallorca with kids, and he’s off in Annapolis, Maryland working on a speaker’s video.  We’re rarely away from each other, so I thought our anniversary deserved a little shout out. Thanks for sharing the joy.



Which Dog Will You Feed?

I just got back from Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain where my daughter and her husband celebrated their marriage for the second time.  Needless to say, surrounded by a LOT of highly dramatic members of the Sheybani clan I haven’t seen in a very long time, and a crew of lovely peopleContinue Reading

Truth Heals

I received this beautiful note last week in response to my newsletter, and I’d like to share it and my response with you.  It’s relevant to you writers out there, AND to people-pleasers. Thank you for your raw honesty. Your courage inspires me, seriously. Each time I read what you share, I think, How comeContinue Reading

Before You Buy That FitBit

  I’ve been searching and searching for this video, which I saw a year or two back.  Lo and behold, there it was in my Youtube feed this morning. There’s a couple of reasons I was taken by Zoe Chance’s TedX talk, why I wanted to share it with you: 1.  As a weight-conscious athleteContinue Reading

The Crow Knows

When I was twenty-one I found myself in an awful predicament. With a semester and a half to go before graduating from college, I got pregnant. I decided that snowy January that the only logical way to handle the unexpected turn of events was to marry my boyfriend, a homesick Vietnamese refugee seven years myContinue Reading

Shots of Awe

My friend Katerina introduced me to a Youtube series called Shots of Awe. Get me started watching them, and I can pretty much forget about getting anything productive done. Each day I talk to people who can’t remember what they enjoy.  They feel like they have no passion, no sense of purpose, and they’re afraidContinue Reading

Chucking It All And Moving To A Foreign Country

I received this question last week, one that both Walt and I get more frequently, so I thought I’d answer it here. I’m so intrigued with how you and Walt move back and forth between the U.S. and Ireland.  I’m just totally curious.  How do you two decide when to be here and when toContinue Reading

Be. Here. Now, Now, Now.

I’m down to the final countdown. The last day or two before I disappear to Ireland for a good long while.  Lots of stuff to get done.  Lots of people I need to see so I’m not labeled the shittiest friend in the world. And I feel all of that familiar anxiety welling up inContinue Reading

What I’m Reading Now

I’ve been gobbling up Annita P. Sawyer‘s new book: Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass. This was the memoir she was working on when we studied together at Bread Loaf, a prestigious writing conference in Middlebury, Vermont.  Like me, Annita was sitting in class struggling with all of those horrible decisions one has to make during revision.Continue Reading

Quirky Sells

I was lazing around on the couch this morning flipping through The New York Times Magazine when I ran into an article about the latest Youtube sensation. Tyler Oakley is a young, gay man who posts videos about the stuff he thinks about on a day-to-day basis.  And he gets MILLIONS of views because heContinue Reading