Make Your Mess Your Message

I’m a big proponent of turning your mess into your message.  And I think Monica Lewinsky’s recent Ted Talk is a wonderful example of turning one’s most shameful moment into a powerful call to action.

Think about it.  What are you hiding?  What story could you tell that would totally alter the way people view their world? What do you understand that they don’t?

The minute you start owning your experiences–both good and bad–the minute you can own the goddamned room.


Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

So, I’m browsing around Youtube, as I’m prone to do when I’m putting together my weekly newsletter, and out pops Jeanna Maples, a young blogger with a major potty mouth who is getting a hell of a lot of play. Her topic?  Nice guys, and their assertion that they always finish last. As one ofContinue Reading

I’ve Got Some Nerve Publishing This Book

The thing about being a writer is that I tend to associate with a lot of other writers. Writers who publish books as often as they change their underwear. Besides my writing buddies, and my students, and my coaching clients, people who talk about books and writing and words all the live long day (muchContinue Reading

The Leader Within

I’ve never met my guest poster, Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola, but that won’t stop me from sharing her words.  Her message is really powerful, particularly if you’ve spent a big chunk of your life waiting for someone out there to rescue you, to build your boat. And don’t get me started on the running aspect. AContinue Reading

When You’re Married to One of Us

You talk about “people like us” who hide their true selves to be loved and accepted. What about the “what you see is what you get” types who assume others play by those same rules only to be stunned when the resentful manipulator shows his true colors. Same problem from a different angle, no? StillContinue Reading

When You’ve Been Hit By A Bus

Last week I ran a post in which I listed the wonderful things my husband does for me, and what I had needed to change in my life to be ready for such a loving relationship. I got this thought-provoking comment: What about the kind of addict/narcissist that treats you like an absolute queen andContinue Reading

A Man Who Will Bring You Coffee In Bed

In honor of Valentine’s day, one of those holidays that can dredge up a lot of fear and sadness in otherwise stable human beings, I thought I’d bring this piece back. From an e-mail I received: I just went through a breakup again on Saturday. My 34th birthday. There were many things wrong. Mostly, yetContinue Reading

57 Things I Love About My Irish Hood

The crazy Border Collies laying in wait to chase our car just beyond the barn. The farmer on the hill who tells us jokes we can barely understand, what with his brogue being so thick. I’m pretty sure they all involve traveling salesmen and farmers’ daughters, though. The fox who dines from our compost heap,Continue Reading

Remind Me

This is a guest post by the author Beth Jannery, a woman I’m grateful to call my friend. I’ve posted it today because, being an accomplishment whore who wants nothing more than to control ALL of the chess pieces, I needed these reminders. Life is not to be endured. It is an opportunity to beContinue Reading

Are You A Beggar?

I‘ve been talking to some women lately–women freshly divorced, or unhappy in a job– who feel like they’re all washed up.  Done. Because they’re too old. See, they’ve got settle for crumbs, slum a little, because who in their right mind would want them?! I’m talking 50-year-olds!!  So I thought it was high time IContinue Reading