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What Happened When I Stopped Drinking

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.–Blaise Pascal I was sitting in a mindfulness breakout session in Dublin last week when the leader wrote this quotation on his whiteboard.  It was one of those sentences that grabbed my attention because I immediately recognized the truth of itContinue Reading

When You’re Married to One of Us

You talk about “people like us” who hide their true selves to be loved and accepted. What about the “what you see is what you get” types who assume others play by those same rules only to be stunned when the resentful manipulator shows his true colors. Same problem from a different angle, no? StillContinue Reading

And Then What Happens?

The holiday season is upon us, and I’ve been thinking about my very best survival tools, the ones I need to break out when faced with disgruntled relatives. Not that you’d know what I mean, I’m sure. Here’s one from my arsenal, which I posted a while back.   Want to know the secret toContinue Reading

One Touch And He Stiffens

I have a pug that turns to stone the minute I try to pick him up.  He absolutely despises being man handled and will squeal like a pig. The thing is, I can totally relate to Max.  There were years, and I mean DECADES, where I couldn’t stand to be touched, even though connection wasContinue Reading

Paparazzi Can Be SOOOO Annoying

I had the huge privilege of being interviewed by Denise Brown for a column she writes in the North Star Monthly, a northern New Hampshire publication.  I thought I might share it with you here. I think I sound horribly impressive.Unfortunately, the paparazzi just won’t leave me alone. Sigh. You can’t miss her. And you’llContinue Reading


I received a comment from a lovely woman last week, which inspired this blog. …I am plodding on, getting out there, striving! LOL. Still with the same negative, self pitying man, who I live with like brother and sis now! Unfortunately I share a bed with him, but can never completely move on until IContinue Reading

Not Just About Getting Laid

It was the 70’s. Playboy and Penthouse were ubiquitous on suburban coffee tables, at least in the households where I babysat. My parents, in keeping with the make-love-not-war attitude of the era, kept a stash of porn star tell-all’s, Penthouse Forum volumes, and slutty dime store novels squirreled away behind their headboard.  Having both chancedContinue Reading

And Then What Happens?

Want to know the secret to personal power?  I’m talking Wonder Woman red-cape-wearing power. The ability to stay steady when other people—people that you love and/or need—become angry, sad, or disappointed.  Particularly when you’ve (supposedly) done or said something to set them off. I’ve always admired folks who can tell their truth; who have noContinue Reading

10 Books You Need to Read If You Were Raised by Alcoholics

If I were to teach a course about overcoming the emotional damage and the misconceptions picked up from alcoholic parents, this would be the semester’s  assigned reading. You’ll see me quote from these books from time to time, and I often send them to my coaching clients when I need to get them on theContinue Reading

Danger, Will Robbinson, Danger

I came across the perfect statement this morning in an old journal: Stop trying to control everybody and everything. I have spent my life trying to control my surroundings and the people in it.  Like a lot of other unhealthy compulsions, I chalk this one up to my alcoholic upbringing.  When you are unsure ofContinue Reading