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How You Learn To Trust

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Is Your Life a Slot Machine?

How much of your life do you consider blind luck, and how much do you attribute to the choices you have made? Muslims are fatalists. They believe what’s ordained is ordained; and no one but God can alter anything. Each event, small or large, long before it ever happens, is written in The Book. MyContinue Reading

What if We Stopped Running Away?

I read this today on Facebook.  It was written by a thought-leader named Suzanne Falter-Barns.  For someone like me, who has spent a lifetime running away from her feelings, who has judged herself and others so harshly, this took my breath away. I am here to report that I have been changed by the death ofContinue Reading

Remind Me: Life is Made Up of Moments of Grace

This is a guest post from Beth Jannery, author of Simple Grace. Life is not to be endured. It is an opportunity to be of service, to enjoy, to grow and change and challenge ourselves. In life we have a choice: fill it with grace or stay in the negative. Recently, I went through aContinue Reading

Kicking Ass With a Little Help from Jesus

  Yvonne Rousseau considers herself a warrior.  Sexually abused as a child, she turned a trauma that would have flattened the strongest of us into a one-woman mission to help other victims.  Her recently released book, Beyond Myself: Reclaiming Your Life After Sexual Abuse, helps readers understand what a victim experiences, what the aftermath mayContinue Reading

The Brass Knuckle Hospitality of a Southern Belle

  To get your password for Bri’s interview, fill in your name and email in the box provided on the right.   Bri Clark is a real example of redemption and renewal.  Growing up penniless in the South, Bri became a master at street smarts.   Rebelliousness, she claims, was a strong understatement to describe thoseContinue Reading

The Gift of a Stranger

This is a guest post from the author, Beth Jannery. During times of crisis, people often reach for the overused, and sometimes annoying, cliché that God will not give us more than we can handle. Then there is another popular comforting notion that what does not totally destroy us makes us stronger. But there comesContinue Reading


Like a junkie with a 14-gauge needle, my mother used books to blot out reality. Curled up in her chair, immersed in a novel, she ceased to be aware of anyone or anything around her. When she put her book down, exposed herself to the rage and tension that contaminated our house, my mother became aContinue Reading

The End

So much time has passed, but the two and a half years of illness are still fresh in my mind. I can still hear his voice calling me from the hospital after exploratory surgery.  From the tone, I know something is terribly wrong even before he tells me.  He’s supposed to be in Canada orContinue Reading

Get Real

When I first began writing and presenting my short stories about Iran, people in my workshop class looked nervous.  No doubt remembering the fatwa placed on Salmon Rushdie’s head for his Satanic Verses, they asked me, “Don’t you think Iranians might take offense at some of the things you’ve said here?  I mean, don’t youContinue Reading