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What I’m Reading Now

Here in Ireland I read incessantly.  No sooner than I finish one book, I scan the bookshelves and grab another.  For the last ten days I’ve been in total bliss, until I ran into this little number, which really pulled me up short. Walt must have bought Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup becauseContinue Reading

My Date With a Serial Killer

I received a wonderful comment a few weeks back, and now I’d love to take the time to respond properly. You’ve shared that you met Walt on Match. So, please also share how you maintained the endurance to keep going and not lose hope from one stereotypical online dating site disappointment after another. Surely you’veContinue Reading

And Then What Happens?

Want to know the secret to personal power?  I’m talking Wonder Woman red-cape-wearing power. The ability to stay steady when other people—people that you love and/or need—become angry, sad, or disappointed.  Particularly when you’ve (supposedly) done or said something to set them off. I’ve always admired folks who can tell their truth; who have noContinue Reading

A Man Who Will Bring You Coffee In Bed

I received an e-mail this week that speaks to so many of us raised in alcoholic households. I just went through a breakup again on Saturday. My 34th birthday. There were many things wrong. Mostly, yet again, I was giving it 100 percent and not getting enough back. He proceeded to ruin my birthday andContinue Reading

Why You Want Your Butt to Hurt

I attended an exercise boot camp at a local gym this past Friday.  Three days later, I can barely walk.  Walt keeps making fun of me because every time I bend over, I make these awful sounds. Compassion, as you can see, is not his strong suit. I’m coaching a group of women who areContinue Reading

Good Mom Rules

Do you have trouble saying no to your children? Do you ever feel that, no matter how much you give or do, it’s never going to be enough? Are you sacrificing your financial health, and/or peace of mind to rescue your kids from consequences? Do you take on their worries so they can float throughContinue Reading

68 Things You Should Never Do

My sister-in-law once told me that I should write a book entitled What Not to Do.  She’d heard the slew of “Ann Stories” my brother liked to tell, and was horrified by my mistakes, and lack of common sense. Frankly, I think the woman was jealous of me and my big, adventurous, messed-up life.  But,Continue Reading

Cheap, Cheap, Cheapskate

Want to hear something freaking fascinating?  The more you invest in yourself, the more others are willing to invest in you.  When you take yourself seriously, others do the same. Cheaping out on yourself isn’t noble; it’s flimsy camouflage for low self-esteem. My mother is the queen of cheap. Sifting through her kitchen cabinets aContinue Reading

Men Don’t Want You To Kick Their Ass

One of our greatest strength as women is our softness, our femininity. All that muscle-flexing we engage in, particuarly in the work world, doesn’t buy us respect, or love, or security; it drives men away. Insisting that you can kick his ass will not get a man all hot and bothered. Years ago I worked at a chemicalContinue Reading

Nice Mrs. General Petraeus

Before we begin I would like to you to take a look at three pictures.    1. General Petraeus  2.  Mrs. Petraeus 3. The Girlfriend Need I say more? OK, maybe just a little. We fool ourselves by believing that our spouses should love us no matter what.  That they should remain loyal to us–Continue Reading